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What is GlobalPass?

GlobalPass is an innovative company aiming to change the way identity verification and screening industry is shaped. We strive to lead the pack by introducing never-before-seen technology solutions in the market.

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Our Story

Our aim is to become the ultimate bespoke screening solution for your financial hub. Having served a number of global clients with challenging & highly customized requests, we are committed to finding an answer to your business request.

Core Values and Goals

Ideas that we follow, which empower us to provide you with industryleading service

We Believe in Fraudless Future

Committed to stop fraud before it happens. Step by step.

We Are Privacy Conscious

Your data belongs only to you. Period.

Our Solutions Are Easy to Use

Screenings & identity verification shouldn’t be rocket science.

We Stand to Be At Your Service

Keeping our customers at the center of our focus, to let you do what you do best.

Development Timeline

2014 June

Passport Analysis Tool, Inside Module for Compliance Specialists

2015 January

Search Engine / Adverse Media Functionality Introduced

2015 July

Cooperation with Mittere AG, Swiss Internal Compliance Verification Engine

2015 December

Cooperation with Lithuanian Hotel Circle for Compliance and Customer Identifitication

2016 March

First 50 Countries Connected to Local Passport Verification System

2016 August

Dynamic Search & Geolocation Functionality Introduced

2017 February

Compliance with Swiss Banks - Cooperation with UBS Bank

2017 September

154 Countries Connected to Local Passport Verification System

2018 June

Algorythm Created to Extract Country's Data; OCR Reader introduced; 20 Large Scale Regular Clients

2018 September

Cooperation With Bank Frick


GlobalPass AG is founded